Sustainability within Design

Throughout my practice, I am conscious of the impact my process and outcomes will have on the environment. I strive to reduce the amount of waste I produce, and where possible use renewable energy and natural materials. I design my work by applying various design theories to achieve a sustainable outcome.

My most recent work used the natural waste by-product of sheep farming; wool. This is currently considered as a low value material, which often ends up in landfill. I developed my own wool based composite material which allowed me to create solid form. I have used this material to make authentic, sustainable, lighting designs, where the individual elements can be left to biodegrade or be recycled into a new product. 

I used steam bent, Welsh timber to compliment my wool forms. I am keen to engage with traditional skills and contribute to encouraging the use of locally sourced, sustainable materials. My work challenges the issue of the increasing global supply chain of cheaper materials resulting in quality, local timber being used as firewood. I feel it is important to promote the connection between designers and locally sourced, sustainable materials to make quality, high value designs. 



wool hands copy.jpg
wool bag copy.jpg
steam bend 1 book  copy.jpg